Our Story



The MacInnis family. Established in the second half of 1998. Priority #1 when we bought our home was a dog. No question there. One dog quickly turned into two because she was lonely and needed a friend, right?




Matt and I like to create and learn together. We both really enjoy woodworking and we have personally renovated every room in our house.

IMG_20170904_162324_046We have been into canning for years and one of my favorite things to make are “Nanny’s Mustard Pickles.” This is his late grandmother Marguerite Maillet’s recipe. It is well used and well loved. You don’t mess with that tried and tested recipe.


2010: Our first dog passed and we adopted another.



We also welcomed our first child into the world in 2010.  As he grew, it began to occur to me that I had choices to make about what he would eat.  I started to learn about food. We all know a bit about food, but, I was on auto-pilot. I never gave it much thought until I was in control of what another human was consuming.


Getting to know each other  🙂



2013: Baby #2. Another beautiful boy. Life is BUSY!



2015: I became a vegetarian. Learning fun new recipes all the time.  Eventually, I would try hummus. It was yummy but something was missing. I came up with a really good recipe after adding my own spices to a great one out there. It was so good people told me I should sell it. I never really gave it a second thought, I just loved eating it!


Our second dog passed away in 2014. We waited and adopted a puppy in 2015 because the baby is now 2, so we can handle a puppy again, right? Haha! We welcomed Juno to our family in November of 2015.



Fast forward to May 2017: Juno, was not herself. We thought we were in for a surgery for bowel obstruction based on her symptoms. After some major ups and downs, a couple overnight stays at the vet where I still question how she survived, we had a diagnosis for her: Addison’s disease. Her adrenal glands do not, and will not ever function. Google it if you wanna learn more and hear big fancy words like “mineralo corticoids.” The medication Juno needs to live will be very expensive.  There will also be a lot more visits to the vet. This is our new reality. For the rest of her life. She’s 18 months old. It was a lot to take in.

I decided the night of the diagnosis that I would sell that hummus after all, I would call it Juno’s Hummus and I would give it my best shot.


Long story short, it went better than I could have hoped and I was having so much fun meeting new people in the community that it just made sense to expand the available products. Our family is big on eating whole foods so here we are today, Juno’s Whole Foods. We love introducing you to our healthy and delicious plant based creations. Hopefully you’ll love them enough to be our customer. We’re always coming up with new and creative ideas.

My plan is to keep you folks updated about Juno’s progress good, bad or ugly. We certainly have our hopes set on good!

Good Times

You put good stuff in, you get good stuff out.  This is one of the important things I realized.  You can’t expect your body to be at it’s  best without the proper fuel. Eating a diet that consists of mainly plant based items is my favorite way to be sure I’m on the right track.  I try to instill this in my kids so as they grow they will make healthy choices.mylife1

We have a few gardens in raised beds that are so rewarding, not to mention tasty!  Having the kids get involved is a great idea because they love playing with water and getting their hands dirty in that squishy soil!


2018: We have our dry soup mixes for sale at some retail locations and I have taken up residence as a permanent vendor at the Moncton Farmers Market. Loving where this little business venture is taking us. Humbled by the overwhelming amount of support we receive from friends and family who do everything from taste test, watch the kids, working my table for me, sharing, and your words of encouragement that keep us going. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!  Can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes us!

~ Carly MacInnis